Massage Therapists in Lubbock, TX

Have you been looking for a massage therapist within the Lubbock area? Has your prescribed therapeutic massage? Have you been having some back, neck or shoulder pain? Are you wanting a massage because of the many physical and emotional benefits it offers? Are you getting married in Lubbock quickly and need a massage to curl up you prior to the special day? Listed below are a few massage therapists within the Hub City to select from.

Jo Ann Hunt

Jo Ann Hunt is a retired registered nurse. She’s been providing massages to Lubbock area residents since 2004. She’s very skilled and even serves on the table of the Texas Association of Massage Therapists. She offers the traditional Swedish massage, pre-natal massage, deep tissue massage and even geriatric massage. She’s experience treating clients who’ve cancer and provides an oncology massage. Her office happens to be located at 8002 Abbeville Ave and it is possible to reach her at (806) 535-3152. Check out her website here to learn more about Ms. Hunt and the services she provides.

Stroke Me the Right Way

Another option to get a massage in Lubbock is Rub Me the Proper Way. They’re open everyday of the week. There are lots of experienced massage therapists who can provide swedish massage, trigger point, deep-tissue and more. The dog owner, Donna Miller, is enthusiastic about the therapeutic effects of massage because she was a child. She has also recently opened a massage school. Stroke Me the Right Way is situated at-at 7420 82nd Street. You can reach them at (806) 866-0089. Walk-ins are welcome. Have a look at their internet site here for more information about this Lubbock massage location.

Oceans Massage

Seas Massage in Lubbock has a number of the most skilled and gifted massage therapists. The company was commenced in Lubbock in 1999 by Dr. Beverly Byers and her two daughters. The team is quite intelligent. On their internet site they express ‘We aim to give you the highest-quality of service and we do that by giving you some of the best trained practitioners with a number of specializations.’ There is also an on-site therapeutic massage school.

They’ve two locations in Lubbock. One is at 2023 Broadway and yet another at 12420 Quaker. You are able to achieve the Broadway location at (806) 740-0100 and the Quaker location at (806) 722-3300. They’re open Monday through Saturday from 9:00 to 5:30 and days by appointment. Have a look at their web site here for additional information.

Fingers for You Massage

Sharla Darter, manager of Hands For You Personally Massage, is another massage therapist offering the Lubbock area. On her website she states, ‘My commitment to the subject guarantees that my clients will get full, professional and personalized attention, maximizing the incredible advantages of massage. Work is located at 8212 Ithaca Suite C and it is possible to reach her at (806) 789-8343. Visit her website here for more information about her services.

Betty Holiday

Betty Holliday can be an LMT that works in Boston Chiropractic (work of Dr. Steve VanOsdale) helping the Lubbock area. She’s a graduate of Oceans Massage college. This is the place to go, In the event that you would like a massage in a more medical environment. They are positioned at 2630 26th Street in Lubbock. It is possible to reach the office at (806) 762-2334. Click here for the website.

These are only several massage practitioners helping the Lubbock area. This is not an entire record, and there are many other talented LMT’s in Lubbock. You may take a look at ’5 of the Best Day Spas in Lubbock, TX’ for many other suggestions.

In case you have never had a skilled massage, please read ‘What’s a Professional Massage Like’? This short article might help you realize what to expect for a professional massage. If you can not afford a massage right now, you might check out ‘Ways to get an Expert Massage for a Low Cost.’ Therapeutic massage provides numerous physical and psychological benefits. Happy Relaxing!

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